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Top 11 Funniest Goal Celebrations By Footballers

11. Francesco Totti – Selfie Goals

After 20 years of top level football you do get tired of Paparrazi, why not take a selfie.

10. Violani – Headbutt to the Bench

Sitting on bench can be frustrating, why not break the bench so the manager can’t sit you out.

9. Ruud Van Nistelrooy – Revenge of the Dutchman

Don’t mess with the Dutch, they score against you and they mock you.

8. Alessandro Florenzi – The Granny Love

Grannies love fairytales, score a goal and celebrate with her. Make them their own fairytale.

7. – The Arnold Way

The world watches football, why not use it as a platform to audition for a bodybuilding show.

6. Giovane Élber- The Mummy Returns

Tired of waiting for The Mummy sequel, score a goal and make your own sequel.

5. Jimmy Bullard – One for Phil Brown

Sick of your manager giving you stick in public, celebrate your goal by showing them your funny side.

4. – The Knockout Punch

Fading away as a striker, why not showcase your boxing skill’s to attract agents.

3. Dzimtry Koub – Self Appreciator

Fans can be very moody at times, just buy a ticket and make sure your goals are duely appreaciated.

2. Mario Gjurovski – No Pants Rambo

Show Rambo you can shoot better, that too without pants.

1. Mario Balotelli – Why Always Me?

Show the world how innocent you are, surely they won’t mock you.

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