Chelsea Coach Mourinho Takes A Dig At Arsene Wenger’s ‘Winning’ Record

Jose Mourinho Arsene Wenger Arsenal ChelseaEnglish Premier League () club head coach Mourinho has taken a dig again at his counterpart ’s win record.

coach recently signed a new contract with the club after finishing behind champions Chelsea last season.

Asked if he was surprised by the contract given to Pellegrini, Mourinho on Saturday was quoted by as saying: “Why? Some other clubs, they have disappointed for 15 years and the manager is the same.”

London based club Arsenal last won the EPL under in 2003-04. But the Frenchman has helped them win two back-to-back FA Cup titles in the last two seasons.

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Wenger also triumphed over Mourinho two weeks back when Arsenal won the Community Shield in this season’s curtain raiser.

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There is a history of conflicts between the pair, with Mourinho claiming Wenger was “a specialist in failure” in February last year, while the Arsenal coach has previously accused his Chelsea counterpart of being “disrespectful”

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