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Chelsea Topple Manchester United To Become The Most Hated Club In England

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In a not so surprising result, have emerged as the most hated club in overtaking , according to a survey undertaken by The Mirror.

United had been the most hated club in England due to their continuous supremacy during the 90’s and early 2000’s, but the blues have emerged as one of the most successful clubs in Europe in the last decade and a half which has resulted in a lot of heat directed towards them.

United’s less then impressive record in the recent campaigns is also one of the major contributing factor in the sharp decline in the hatred they receive.

Around 10,000 fans participated in the poll from across England.

Chelsea fans

came third followed by and came fifth.

Defending Champions ranked as the second least hated club, while claimed the title to being the least hated club in the country.

However, unsurprisingly most of the hatred directed towards Chelsea came from city rivals Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham, though the Blues were also the most hated team with Swansea, Sunderland and Middlesborough fans too.

Whereas, the North-West of England maintained it’s tradition of hatred for inter-city rivals like Everton-Liverpool and Manchester City-Manchester United.

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