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7 Things That Prove Zlatan Ibrahimovic Is God

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“Zlatan is not just a legend on the pitch, he is a god when it comes to having fun. His god-like arrogance has made him one of the most loved footballer in the world.”

Zlatan king

For some he is god, for others he is an arrogant player who can perform magic with a ball at his feet and for the rest he is entertainment.

Zlatan “GOD” Ibrahimovic has been responsible for some of the most funniest and iconic moments in football in the last decade and a half.

Here are some of the most magical and funniest Zlatan moments.

  •  Only Zlatan can score with a Bi-cycle kick from 40 yards out


  • His shots are faster then a Porsche


  • What did i say


  • You need more than 11 players to stop Zlatan


  • Scored his 50th international goal with a back-heel


  • The training starts when Zlatan says so

  • Never ask Ibra about his sexuality

Abhishek Chaudhary
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