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Furious Ronaldo Blasts Pop Star Sister Katia For Romping His Bed With Lover

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Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is furious with his sister Katia after reports suggest that the Portuguese found out what she was upto.

She along with poker player Claudio Coelho made most of Ronaldo’s bed during their time early on in the relationship.

The couple had regular sex sessions on Ronaldo’s bed in the multi million home where he lives with his son.

The revelation came when Coelho spoke on a Portuguese reality show clearing the dust from the situation.

“It is normal for Cristiano not to like other people occupying his personal space.I understand him fully. But the problem is that his sister has little judgement, despite being almost 40-years-old.”

To make matters worse he also admitted that he was in Cristiano Ronaldo’s bed when the couple did the dirty for the first time.

“Katia and I were visiting the Geres area, and spent the weekend at Ronaldo’s house.That was where we slept together for the first time.”

It seems that Ronaldo and his pop star sister (starring with Sergio Ramos in her latest single hit) are renowned for disagreeing on various topics but you can’t help but side beside the Portuguese star on this one.

Hope they changed the sheets after finishing up because that’s not what you can expect from Ronnie’s crazy sister, Katia.

Here are Ronaldo’s top three girlfriends with whom he shared the same bed-

3: Irina Shyayk

2: Miss Cassandre Davis

1: Georgina Rodriguez


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