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Euro 2016 Poland VS Portugal: Battle of WAGS

The preview is uploaded, the line-up has been decided and it’s time for the game to commence between Poland and Portugal. But wait, where are the WAGS?

While men are set to participate in 90 minutes of intense game play, the WAGS are looking forward to soar the temperature of the stadium by cheering for their loved ones.

The match set between Poland and Portugal is going to be interesting not just because of the game of football, but the WAGS. Here is a line up of some of the WAGS of the two teams that are set to play against one another for the championship:

Agata Błaszczykowska

WAGS Euro 2016

Agata Błaszczykowska is the wife of Polish professional footballer Jakub ‘Kuba’ Błaszczykowski.

Anna Lewandowska

wag euro 2016

Anna Lewandowska is the wife of Polish Footballer Robert Lewandowska. She is a Personal Trainer, Polish National Karate Team Representative, nutrition specialists and a blogger.

Celia Jaunat

wag euro cup 2016

She is the girlfriend of Polish footballer Grzegorz Krychowiak. The Spanish beauty enjoys traveling, fashion and modelling.

Jessica Ziółek


Jessica Ziółek, the girlfriend of Polish Professional footballer Arkadiusz Milik, is an active social media user.

Marina Łuczenko – Szczęsna

wag euro 2016

Born in Ukraine, Marina Łuczenko – Szczęsna is married to Polish footballer Wojciech Szczęsny.

Daniela Martins

WAG euro 2016

Portuguese Footballer Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha, commonly known as Nani, has been dating Daniela Martins since a couple of years.

Filipa Brandao

wag euro 2016

The girlfriend of Portuguese footballer Cedric Soares, Filipa Brandao is a fashionista and stylist by nature.

Paula Suarez

wag euro 2016

Paula Suarez is the hot Colombian model who is rumored to be Portuguese footballer Ron Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning mystery yacht girl.


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