title winner has set her eyes on Messi’s friend and team-mate .

BumBum sets new target

She has flooded Pique’s social media account by sending her sexy pictures of herself in his shirt.

2015 Miss BumBum winner Cortez frequently amuses her fans with seductive photos.

Previously, her target was Barcelona star .

Photo Courtesy: Instagram – suzycortezoficial
Photo Courtesy: Instagram – suzycortezoficial

But, the footballer and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo blocked her from all social media platforms.

The big Bum queen is not shy to show off her curves. Recently, she was spotted sunbathing at a beach on a Lionel Messi shirt.

Her latest picture with Pique’s shirt has come up as he played his 400th game for .

BumBum’s recent stunt will get Pique’s girlfriend upset.

Suzy CortezMiss Bumbum has previously shown her love for the club by posting raunchy photos on social media.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram – suzycortezoficial
Pique and Shakira have two kids

Colombian singer Shakira and Pique have been dating since 2011, when they first met for her music video for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Pique and his girlfriend Shakira

They have two kids together, Milan and Sasha.

Feliz 2017 de los Piqué Mebarak! Happy 2017 from the Piqué Mebarak family!

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