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Neymar vs Ronaldo Off The Field Rivalry – The Hottest Wag Showdown

Rivalries between footballers are often talked about and make the game even more interesting. Taking the present decade into consideration, the names that first hits our mind are Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona legend Lionel Messi. Their path-breaking performances, breaking records, setting new milestones and battling neck to neck to the top the charts is what the fans love to see and debate about.

Glued too much onto the on-field activities of the game sometimes we tend to overlook the interesting rivalries that build up off the field.

And talking about it, Ronaldo’s off the field rival is not Lionel Messi but his Barcelona teammate Neymar.  Ronaldo’s name has always been associated with top supermodels, actresses and reality TV stars but giving him stiff competition in this field is Barcelona pace-man Neymar.

Find here in a list the women they have dated or been linked with over the past few years.

Nicole Bahls

10) Neymar – Nicole Bahls

Neyamar was in a relationship with Nicole Bahls back in the year in 2011. She was a reality TV superstar and her claim to fame was a Brazilian reality TV show Pânico na TV.  Neymar’s  gorgeous ex-partner was also a Brazilian TV presenter. It is believed that they parted ways after Neymar signed for Barcelona. Living in two different countries can make things difficult and such was the case in their story too.

Sophie Reade

9) Sophie Reade – Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo met glamour model and Big Brother television contestant Sophie Reade in the year 2009. The Manchester United speed-star had already made his presence felt and was at the peak of his form and was a nightmare for defenders of the opposition clubs. Ronaldo met Reade at a Manchetser United Christmas Party and was the first to make a move. According to Reade’s close buddy Chris Perrin – ‘’ Ronaldo took a shine to her and made a pass but she wasn’t interested.’’

Martina Ritter

8) Martina Ritter – Neymar

Neymar was in a relationship with 21-year-old Martina Ritter back in the romantic summers of 2015. Martina Ritter is a well-known fashion blogger in Brazil with 142k followers on Instagram and the Brazilian striker was one of them who followed her on Instagram.

Melanie Martins

7) Melanie Martins – Cristiano Ronaldo

Melanie Martins who is a Portuguese-French model attracted Cristiano Ronaldo’s attention when she became one of the finalists in a Miss Universe competition. It is believed that the pair traveled to various places across the world and most frequently to their home Portugal and Morocco in the year 2005.

Beatrice Bouchard

6) Beatrice Bouchard – Neymar

Beatrice Bouchard is the twin sister of Tennis sensation Eugenie Bouchard. The pair attracted a lot of attention when she shared pictures with Brazil hot prospect Neymar, watching US Tennis Open in the year 2015. She also has 162k followers on Instagram.

Mirella Grisales

5) Mirella Grisales – Cristiano Ronaldo

Mirella Grisales was a Colombian supermodel and a TV presenter before meeting the star from Real Madrid. They started seeing each other back in the year 2007. Mirella Grisales was six years older to the Madrid pace-man and later she became the chief sports editor of Telemundo.

Bruna Marquezine

4) Bruna Marquezine – Neymar

Neymar from the very beginning of his footballing career topped the charts when female fan following is taken into consideration. At a very early age of 22, the Brazilian footballing genius started dating 20-year-old Bruna Marquezine back in the year 2014. However, the relationship did not last for long as the stunning Brazilian model and actress wanted the tie the nuptial knot and Neymar was not ready for a marriage at such an early marriage.

Bipasha Basu

3) Bipasha Basu – Cristiano Ronaldo

The 2007 Premier League season was too special for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker broke all records by scoring 42 goals and was also in the headlines for a picture that got leaked on the internet. The image showed Ronaldo kissing Bollywood beauty Bipasha Basu. However, Bipasha Basu denied the validity of the entire story saying, “The photograph is not doctored, obviously somebody clicked us on a cellphone, but we were just dancing in a crowded disco. This is not a kiss!” She said.

Gabriella Lenzi

2) Gabriella Lenzi – Neymar

Neymar got involved with the Brazilian supermodel during the time of the World Cup 2014 and were spotted numerous times partying in Ibiza and on holiday trips to Brazil.

Every fairytale doesn’t have a happy ending and such was the case for Neymar too. The relationship ended when Lenzi moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in modelling.

Irina Shayk

1) Irina Shayk – Cristiano Ronaldo

Talking about Victoria Secret model Irina Shayk, the first thing that comes to mind is her five-year passionate and widely talked about relationship with Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo had met the stunning Russian beauty at an Armani photo shoot in 2010.

However, their relationship hit a rough patch when Irina Shayk discovered messages on Cristiano’s mobile which were sent to a lot of other girls, which eventually led to their breakup.

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