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Neymar’s Stunning Ex-Girlfriend Soraja Vucelic Left Terrified After Being Sent Chilling Death Threats Online

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PSG’s world record signing Neymar’s former partner Soraja Vucelic is receiving frightening death threats on social media.

Soraja VucelicThe playboy model Soraja received threatening messages daily like “I will blow you to pieces” from an ex-convict.

It is being said that the prisoner is obsessed with the stunning beauty and has images of the model, cut out of her from newspapers and magazines on his cell phones.

There are reports that the unnamed prisoner told his fellow inmates about his special relationship with her. But, he was not aware that she was in a relationship and got to know when she went public about her new romance.

The stunning brunette is famous in her country for appearing on Big Brother. She got threats and insults from different phone numbers.

Her friends say she does not get not scared easily, but last year her car was set on fire, which has left her shocked and she if afraid to go out for partying in her home country of Serbia.

She has some assurance that the ex-convict is not allowed to enter Serbia.

The PSG star met her while partying in Ibiza in 2014, and was been in touch online before the Brazilian stopped to see her again.

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