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Pochettino Bans His Wife Karina From White Hart Lane… Because She Might Jinx Spurs’ Form

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Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino has now banned his wife from White Hart Lane.

The Spurs boss has asked his wife not to visit the White Hart during their games as the Argentine manager is superstitious that her presence in the stands might jinx the club’s good run of results.

He revealed: “In the last few weeks she has not been coming to White Hart Lane.”

“So I said, ‘Better you stay at home because we   keep winning.”

Mrs Pochettino will now be at home when Spurs will face Millwall in the FA Cup clash on Saturday at the White Hart Lane – just like she was last Sunday when they outplayed Everton 3-2.

She was glued to the TV screen when Pochettino celebrated Dele Alli’s late winner by thumping his fists at the crowd.

Pochettino admitted: “I went mad. Then after the game I saw my phone and my wife had sent me a message saying, ‘Oh, what did you do? You lost your head. Never again.”

“When I arrive home she has been watching on TV and says why this or why that? She always gives an opinion — but always after, never before!”

When asked how often his other half has to tell him, he replied: “She only tells me once — that is enough.”

Spurs are now second in the Premier League table – 10 points behind current league leaders Chelsea.

Pochettino accentuated that his players are all pumped up ahead of the clash and had a gala time with the elephants.

Pochettino arrived at the press conference and found a wooden sculpture of two elephants under his seat. The carving has been named ‘Dele’ as in ‘Dele the elephant’.

Poch added: “It was a present from the coach of Kenya who was here last week.”

“It was a nice gift but it has started a bit of a joke because everybody on the staff wanted it. So it has started moving around the training ground, ending up in different rooms.”

“I arrive for my press conference and it is here under the table. I wonder where it will pop up next?”

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