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Top 9 Hottest Sisters Of Star Footballers

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Football is truly the beautiful game, especially when you see how many gorgeous girls are a part of this amazing sport.

Sexy Sister
Footballer’s sexy sister’s.

From wives of footballers to their girlfriends – Football has some of the most beautiful women from the planet in it’s horizon.

Add to that their sister’s, who by-the-way are some of the hottest women you’ll find on this planet.

Here are 9 of the hottest sister’s of star footballers.

9. DANIELA OSPINA – DAVID OSPINAdaniele-ospina-2

The stunning Colombian beauty is shares a close bond with her brother.

However, what makes this lusty beauty from the South America’s more special is the fact that she isn’t just the sister of a famous footballer but is also married to one.

Daniela is married to Real Madrid star James Rodriguez.daniele-ospina

8. HOLLIE WALCOTT – THEO WALCOTThollie-walcott-2

Walcott has been in red-hot form this season for the Gunners – and it looks like his form isn’t the only thing in the Walcott family as the 27-year-olds older sister Hollie is a stunner.

A body-builder by profession Hollie is very close to her brother and the two often share tips on how to stay fit and improve their performances.hollie-walcott


The Real Madrid star has achieved almost everything there is to achieve. CR7 is termed as an arrogant and selfish player by the media, but the Portuguese captain is family man according to his close friends.

Ronaldo’s love for his mother is known to the world – but what most people don’t know is that the 31-year-old is very close to his sister Elma Alveiro.

Elma is 41-years-old but still looks stunning and has been vocal about her admiration and love for younger brother. “I’m a second mother to him.” Elma was quoted as saying.elma-aveiro


Ramos has had a hugely successful career with the Los Blancos – although the 30-year-old still likes to keep a low profile.

Ramos has the initials of his sibling tattooed on his left hand, including the name of his sister Miriam Ramos.

The stunning hottie, however broke hearts when she married in 2012.

5. MARTA ABRIL MARTIN – ALVARO MORATAmarta-abril-morata-2

Alvaro Morata has risen up the ranks at Real Madrid is now back as a full fledged first-team player.

His sister Marta is just as beautiful as her brother’s finishing. The green-eyed beauty is gorgeous.

Although, she is currently dating Spanish actor Javier Pereira.marta-abril-morata

4. AMBAR VIDAL – ARTURO VIDALambar-vidal-2

Bayern Munich play-maker Arturo Vidal is said to be very close to his sister Ambar.

The hot brunette had gained a cult following on Instagram after she started posting revealing selfies of herself on the social networking platform.

However, Ambar had to delete her account after she started getting tons of messages from strangers.ambar-vidal

3. RAFAELLA BECKRAN – NEYMARrafaella-beckran

Rafella shares a very close relationship with her brother Neymar and the Brazil captain also has a tattoo of her on his right arm.

Rafella is very active on Instagram, although she is currently dating Santos star Lucas Lima.

Rafella is a typical Brazilian beauty – thin, sensual and tanned.rafaella-beckran-2


The former Manchester United striker shares a very close bond to his literally unknown sister Ana.

Ana is very shy of media and hardly makes any public appearances.

Not much is known about the gorgeous brunette, except for a couple of pictures on her brothers Instagram account.

1. GABRIELI EMBOABA- OSCARgabrilie-mboaba-2

Chelsea midfielder Oscar has the hottest sister amongst football stars globally.

Gabrieli is what every girl aspires to be, she’s thin, has a great body and is full of life.

The fashion blogger and wannabe journalist’s relationship status is unknown, so if you guys want to try your luck – just check out her Instagram page.gabrilie-mboaba-3

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