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Violent Clashes Between Players And Fans In Scottish Premier League

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Police are to investigate a brawl at the end of the Scottish Premiership play-off final between Rangers and Motherwell.

Motherwell striker Lee Erwin labelled Rangers defender Bilel Mohsni an embarrassment to the Ibrox club after their incredible Fir Park melee.

At full time, Rangers defender Bilel Mohsni kicked and punched Motherwell’s Lee Erwin after being pushed by the striker.

Both players were later sent off by referee Craig Thomson alongside unused Motherwell substitute Fraser Kerr, but it was a disgraceful end to Rangers’ promotion bid.

Even Motherwell substitute Fraser Kerr was shown red card.

A Motherwell fan tried to scoop up the ball after it went out of play with his giant orange and black flag.

Unfortunately for Rangers star Lee McCulloch the fan didn’t manage to scoop the ball up at all and proceeded to whack the former Wigan midfielder square in the chops.

Poor old McCulloch now has a sore face and to add insult to injury, Motherwell went on to beat Rangers 3-0 on the day and 6-1 on aggregate to maintain their SPL status, with the Rangers having to settle for another season in the Championship. But the game, which might go down as one of the most action packed of the season had more crazy moments as a Motherwell fan brought a red card to the game and waved it at Rangers players throughout the clash. The Motherwell playmaker reacted angrily when Mohsni snubbed his offer of a handshake seconds after the Lanarkshire club sealed a 6-1 aggregate win in their Scottish Premiership playoff final.

But after pushing the Tunisian, Erwin was subjected to a flurry of kicks and punches as Mohsni heaped shame on his club.

And Erwin rubbed salt into Light Blue wounds as he mocked Mohsni and the rest of his teammates during a live TV interview.

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