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WAG Ann Kathrin Brömmel: 6 Fast Facts About Mario Gotze’s Wife

German Footballer Mario Gotze may have failed to perform well at the EURO 2016, but that has not hindered WAG Ann Kathrin Brömmel from locking horns with other WAGS on the French soil. The brunette singer stole the thunder as she graced the Euro 2016 to support the love of her life Mario Gotze.

Mario Gotze and Ann Kathrin Brömmel kick started their relation in 2012. They shared pictures of an exotic vacation at Ibiza to confirm their relationship status. Since then German beauty has been subjected to media gaze for every possible reason.

Yet, the beauty comes with its own set of secrets. Here are some of the facts about the lady that will compel you to read more about her:

Performed Under pseudonym Trina B


Brömmel began her career as a singer in 2010. She used Trina B as an alternate identity to mask her true details from the World. Her two songs “This is me” and “Body Language” in 2011 did exceptionally well in the market.

Starred on Germany’s Next Top Model

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The alluring beauty mesmerized the fans with her hot body on the show Germany’s ‘Next Top Model’. Her lustrous curves, vivacious body and staggering height led to her becoming one of the favorite contestants on the show.

Dreams of Becoming Victoria Secret Girls


After experiencing success in the business of fashion, Brömmel dreams of traveling to Australia and become a member of the leading chain of Lingerie brand, Victoria Secrets.

Loves Harmione Granger as a fictional Character


Ann Kathrin Brömmel looks up to the character of Harmione Granger from the series of Harry Potter. She draws her inspiration from the extremely talented character played by Emma Watson.

Avid Readerann-kathrin


She’s beauty with brains. Her hobbies include reading and although she claims to have no favorite book of her own, she loved the ‘Fault in the Stars’ published by John Green.

Loves to Blog


The hot girlfriend of German Footballer Mario Gotze has a flair for writing. She enjoys writing about fashion, lifestyle and music and has a blog of her own.

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