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Goal-Machine! Ronaldo Has Scored Atleast One Goal In Every Minute Of A Football Match

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a goal in every minute of a football match after netting a penalty against Atletico Madrid in the 7th minute of the match.

Ronaldo had scored a goal in every minute of the game, except for the seventh, co-incidentally the only number he had missed (or saved for the last was, the one that he proudly wears on his jersey).

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The penalty was also deserving of the special goal as the Los Blancos star achieved yet another milestone.

Cristiano has now scored 405 official goals for club and country, a staggering number from a truly world class player.

Although there is a spike in the goals that the superstar from Portugal has scored during the 45th and 90th minute, but that is justifiable, because goals scored in injury-time are also counted in these time-frame.

This Infographic depicts every goal that Ronaldo has scored per minute:

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