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FIFA Is Back To Its Core Business – But Platini Should Replace Blatter

Delays in stadium construction. Poor working conditions for World Cup workers. Massive budget blowouts. Nationwide protests. Ignoring the needs of millions of struggling Brazilian families. All of these concerns disappeared from the public opinion...

FIFA Sheds Sponsors As It Heads Into A Dangerous Decade

The news that three major sponsors have ceased their partnership with FIFA could potentially damage its reputation, and more importantly, its finances. Reports on Friday revealed that Castrol, Continental and Johnson & Johnson were...

FIFA prosecution is worth it, even if the big fish get away

The fellow journalists I pitied most at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa were the FIFA beat reporters. Charged with covering the governing body of the world’s most popular sport, they would dutifully...

US soft power triumphs in probe of Sepp Blatter’s corrupt casino

Soccer is truly the world’s sport. It is played and watched by more people across the globe than any other sport. Every four years, it is the center of global attention when the World Cup...

What the FIFA scandal really tells us – about the US

I have lived in the US for over three decades. And I have never seen soccer – that is, real “football” – dominate the front pages of US newspapers for so many days and...

Sepp Blatter’s FIFA exit opens door for prosecutors, reformers

Sepp Blatter’s surprise resignation as president of FIFA on Tuesday after 17 years of leading arguably the world’s most powerful sports organization came only days following a successful reelection in the teeth of a...

How FIFA (Via Interpol) Turned To Academia To Clean Up ‘The Beautiful Game’

Sepp Blatter has resigned his position as the head of FIFA as allegations of corruption swirled around him from media outlets around the world. His resignation follows a trying week in which FBI investigations...

Sepp Blatter and FIFA: looking back at what comes next

Editor’s note: FIFA President Sepp Blatter announced his resignation from the international soccer governing body on Tuesday, just days after he won a fifth four-year term in the face of corruption allegations. Since then,...
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FIFA, Blatter and Africa: a special relationship

On Tuesday, June 2, Sepp Blatter announced his intention to resign as FIFA president just four days after winning reelection to a fifth term — an electoral victory that simply could not have happened...

The Player Played: Frank Lowy And Australia’s Failed World Cup Bid

When Swiss police, acting on FBI intelligence, swooped in May and arrested several officials from FIFA, world football’s governing body, the game seemed up at last. Years of FIFA scandal and whitewash suddenly came...

FIFA Sets Date For Presidential Election, To Be Held On Feb 26

FIFA leader Sepp Blatter held talks with his vice presidents ahead of a meeting to set a date for an election.

FIFA Corruption: Coca-Cola Tells FIFA To Appoint An Independent Commission

Most significant intervention yet by a FIFA sponsor was revealed in a letter to International Trade Union Confederation, which is part of the FIFA Now Movement

Swiss Authorities Extradite One Of Seven FIFA Officials Detained Over Corruption Charges To US

All seven men were arrested on May 27 in dawn raids on a luxury hotel in Zurich by Swiss federal police at the request of American federal agencies.

CONMEBOL President ‘Calm’ About Bribe Claims

CONMEBOL president Juan Angel Napout of Paraguay has said he is "calm" after accusations linked him to a network of corruption surrounding the organisation.

FIFA Banishes Chuck Blazer For Life After Found Guilty With Bribery And Corruption

Chuck Blazer was banned for life by FIFA's ethics committee on Thursday for widespread corruption.

Zico: Gearing Up For The FIFA Presidential Elections

Brazilian football legend Zico said on Tuesday he was gearing up for the FIFA presidential elections.

FIFA Bans Ex-World Cup Bid Evaluation Committee Head For 7 Years

FIFA has handed a seven-year ban to its former head of the bid evaluation committee for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups for "confidentiality" breaches.

Sepp Blatter Scared Of Getting Arrested If He Leaves Switzerland

The US and Switzerland are also investigation the bidding process of the 2022 and the 2018 World Cup, to be hosted by Russia and Qatar, respectively

French And German President Tried To Influence 2018, 2022 World Cup Votes: Blatter

Sepp Blatter on Sunday said former French and German presidents tried to influence the 2018 and 2022 World Cup votes for hosting rights.

US Submits Extradition Request To 7 FIFA Officials Accussed Of Corruption

All seven men, who face around 20 years in prison, have already objected to extradition.

Sepp Blatter: Did Not Resign As FIFA President

Sepp Blatter has reportedly said, he has not resigned as the FIFA president.

Ex-FIFA Official’s Property Seized By Uruguayan Judge

Uruguayan judge Adriana Santos has seized nine properties belonging to Eugenio Figueredo, former president of the Uruguayan Football Association and (CONMEBOL).

Maradona To Stand For FIFA Presidency

According to South American media, Diego Maradona has finally decided to step up to the plate and fight an election for FIFA's presidency.

Swiss Banks Find 53 Possible Money Fraud Cases In FIFA Probe

Switzerland's Attorney General asserted that after investigating the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding contests the banks have discovered 53 money fraud cases.

Proud FIFA Continues To Function During Crisis Says Sepp Blatter

Blatter considered that competitions like the U-20 World Cup in New Zealand demonstrate the impact of their development programs.

Blatter Risks Arrest, To Miss U20 World Cup Final In Auckland

Blatter risks arrest in many countries, FIFA confirmed on Tuesday that he will remain in his native Switzerland instead of traveling to Auckland

Blatter Can’t Cling To His Job As A Lame Duck: Mark Pieth

Sepp Blatter thinks FIFA can reform itself. Anti-corruption experts say an institution in that much trouble won't be able to clean itself up without an outsider

Interpol Suspends $22 M FIFA Project During Corruption Crisis

Interpol suspended its 10-year, $22.4 million partnership with FIFA on Friday while football's governing body is implicated in bribery allegations.

Sepp Blatter’s Spokesman De Gregorio Resigns FIFA After ‘Joke’

Director of communications and public affairs Walter De Gregorio resigned on Thursday, three days after he joked about FIFA on a TV talk show.

FIFA Elections Set For December

Corruption-embattled FIFA could decide on incumbent president Sepp Blatter's successor in an emergency meeting on December 16.

FIFA Postpone Bidding For 2026 World Cup

FIFA has announced that the bidding process for hosting the 2026 World Cup has been postponed till the corruption allegations are not cleared.

FIFA Corruption Suspect Burzaco Surrenders To Italian Police

Burzaco was one of 14 people indicted by U.S. authorities on May 27 on bribery, vote-rigging and other corruption charges.

FIFA 2007 Email Connects Sepp Blatter To $10M Scam

Blatter quit as FIFA president last week with the world soccer body rocked by the biggest scandal in its 111-year history.

Qatar To Be Stripped Off From The 2022 World Cup: FIFA Whistle Blower

Qatar shocked the world by winning the right to stage the 2022 event. Since then allegations of bribery about their bid have been rife within FIFA

Germany Sent Arms To Saudi For Support In 2006 World Cup Hosting Bid

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder's government allegedly complied with a request from the German Football Association to send Saudi Arabia arms

FIFAGate: Irish FA Publishes Full Contract With FIFA

Ireland FA has published the full contract of its deal with FIFA that saw them accept cash for ending protests about the controversial loss in 2010 World Cup.

Ireland Received $5M Hush-Up Money From FIFA Over Henry’s Handball

FIFA disclosed the payment after the money was mentioned in a radio interview by Football Association of Ireland chief executive John Delaney

Critics Urging Quick Exit Of Sepp Blatter From FIFA

Two days after announcing his decision to resign as FIFA president, Blatter sent a tweet with a picture of himself sitting at his desk, pen in hand.

Sepp Blatter Was Board Member Of Fictitious Company, Allegedly Laundered Millions

FIFA also stressed that Blatter "did not have or exercise any operational function for this company".

Sepp Blatter Writes Letter To AIIF President Praful Patel, Congratulates Mohun Bagan

FIFA President Sepp Blatter congratulated Mohun Bagan on winning the I-League, saying that they achieved their success through "exceptional performance".

Chuck Blazer, Former FIFA Executive, Admits To Taking Bribes

Blazer, in admitting 10 counts of illegal conduct, told the court of his actions surrounding the vote that made South Africa the first nation on that continent

Is An Indian Going To Be The Next FIFA President?

Sunil Gulati, who is currently the President of the US Soccer Federation, could be in the race to replace Sepp Blatter as the new FIFA chief.

White House Thinks FIFA Can Benefit From ‘New Leadership’

The White House said FIFA can benefit from "new leadership", after the resignation of the world soccer organisation's president, Joseph "Sepp" Blatter.

Did Sepp Blatter Fool Everyone With His FIFA ‘Resignation’ Drama?

Until we hear differently – and this is a fluid situation – Sepp Blatter is still at FIFA. More importantly, he is setting the agenda.

Blatter Gets Standing Ovation, Blazer Admits Taking Bribes: All The Latest In FIFA Scandal

Sepp Blatter showed up for work at FIFA's gleaming headquarters in Zurich, where FIFA said he met with staff and received their applause.

Sepp Blatter Gets Standing Ovation As FIFA Goes For A Ride With Corruption Probe

FIFA witnessed a roller-coaster ride in just a week when the world football governing body was plunged into a corruption scandal

Bidding Process For FIFA World Cup In Qatar Is Not Clean, Says Australian Football...

The chairman of Football Federation Australia says bidding for the 2022 World Cup awarded to Qatar was not clean

South Africa Denies $10 Million Bribe To FIFA

South African sports minister, has denied his country bribed FIFA officials in order to secure votes for the 2010 World Cup.

Michel Platini Cancels Anti-Blatter UEFA Meet

UEFA President Michel Platini says it is better to await developments after Blatter announced plans to resign.

Rise And Fall Of Sepp Blatter: Interactive Timeline

Sepp Blatter has resigned after being the chief of FIFA for 17 years.