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Football: Radically Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Commercial And Anti-Bourgeois

Like a lot of kids the great Martinican/Algerian revolutionary Frantz Fanon loved playing soccer as a youngster. Returning to Martinique in 1945 after fighting in Europe and North Africa in World War II.

Michel Platini Blasts Disgraced Ex-FIFA Boss Sepp Blatter: ‘He’s The Most Selfish Person I...

Michel Platini has accused Sepp Blatter of making him "his last scalp" as FIFA president in the affair which saw both banned from football.

Controversial Argentine Legend Diego Maradona Will Clean Football Corruption For FIFA

Argentine legend Diego Maradona has been handed a new FIFA role to eradicate corruption despite sketchy past of drug binges.

Is FIFA Expanding The World Cup For The Good Of The Game?

FIFA’s decision to increase the number of countries taking part in the World Cup has provoked a predictable range of responses in football.

Ex-MI6 Spy Behind Donald Trump’s ‘Russia Dossier’ Was The Man Who Helped FBI Uncover...

Ex-Spy at the centre of the Trump 'dirty dossier' controversy made more than £1million in 2 years by supplying information about FIFA to FBI.
Gianni Infantino

Gianni Infantino Plans To Bring ‘FIFA Back To Football’

FIFA president Gianni Infantino presented a package of implanted reforms and changes in the world football governing body.

Sepp Blatter Loses Appeal At CAS Against 6-Year FIFA Ban

Sepp Blatter has lost his appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport against a six-year ban by FIFA.
Franz Beckenbauer

Beckenbauer Faces Criminal Investigation For Corruption Over 2006 World Cup

Franz Beckenbauer, Horst Schmidt, Theo Zwanziger and Wolfgang Niersbach will face charges of fraud, criminal mismanagement, money laundering.
FIFA, led by president Sepp Blatter, is under fire once more for its decision to award hosting rights for the 2022 World Cup to the Gulf nation of Qatar.

Sepp Blatter Set To Launch Final Challenge Against FIFA Ban

Sepp Blatter, who has stepped down as FIFA president for scandals, will file his final challenge against the six-year FIFA ban.

Qatar Saga Shows Why FIFA Should Return Football To The Fans

Awarding the World Cup to Qatar was clearly not about passion for the game, nor about offering communities of players and spectators access to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Jack Warner

Former President Jack Warner Sued By CONCACAF

Former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner is being sued for more than $50 million by the CONCACAF.

Former Chile, Colombia Football Chiefs Handed Life Ban For Corruption

Former presidents of the Chilean and Colombian football federations have been handed life bans for corruption, the sport's world governing body FIFA said on Friday.

FIFA Is Back To Its Core Business – But Platini Should Replace Blatter

Delays in stadium construction. Poor working conditions for World Cup workers. Massive budget blowouts. Nationwide protests. Ignoring the needs of millions of struggling Brazilian families. All of these concerns disappeared from the public opinion...

FIFA Sheds Sponsors As It Heads Into A Dangerous Decade

The news that three major sponsors have ceased their partnership with FIFA could potentially damage its reputation, and more importantly, its finances. Reports on Friday revealed that Castrol, Continental and Johnson & Johnson were...

FIFA prosecution is worth it, even if the big fish get away

The fellow journalists I pitied most at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa were the FIFA beat reporters. Charged with covering the governing body of the world’s most popular sport, they would dutifully...

US soft power triumphs in probe of Sepp Blatter’s corrupt casino

Soccer is truly the world’s sport. It is played and watched by more people across the globe than any other sport. Every four years, it is the center of global attention when the World Cup...

What the FIFA scandal really tells us – about the US

I have lived in the US for over three decades. And I have never seen soccer – that is, real “football” – dominate the front pages of US newspapers for so many days and...

Sepp Blatter’s FIFA exit opens door for prosecutors, reformers

Sepp Blatter’s surprise resignation as president of FIFA on Tuesday after 17 years of leading arguably the world’s most powerful sports organization came only days following a successful reelection in the teeth of a...

How FIFA (Via Interpol) Turned To Academia To Clean Up ‘The Beautiful Game’

Sepp Blatter has resigned his position as the head of FIFA as allegations of corruption swirled around him from media outlets around the world. His resignation follows a trying week in which FBI investigations...

Sepp Blatter and FIFA: looking back at what comes next

Editor’s note: FIFA President Sepp Blatter announced his resignation from the international soccer governing body on Tuesday, just days after he won a fifth four-year term in the face of corruption allegations. Since then,...
joao havelange

FIFA, Blatter and Africa: a special relationship

On Tuesday, June 2, Sepp Blatter announced his intention to resign as FIFA president just four days after winning reelection to a fifth term — an electoral victory that simply could not have happened...

The Player Played: Frank Lowy And Australia’s Failed World Cup Bid

When Swiss police, acting on FBI intelligence, swooped in May and arrested several officials from FIFA, world football’s governing body, the game seemed up at last. Years of FIFA scandal and whitewash suddenly came...

Platini Pulls Out Of FIFA Presidency Race

The 60-year-old had been hoping to win an appeal in time to be allowed a candidacy for the FIFA election on February 26, before he changed his mind.

Blatter, Platini Vow To Fight Eight-Year Bans

Blatter said he felt he was being used as a "punching ball" and declared: "I will fight to the end."

Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini Banned By FIFA For Eight Years

Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini were handed eight-year bans from football by FIFA on Monday.

Platini, Blatter Face Several Years’ Ban From Football: FIFA

"Platini will certainly be suspended for several years," Bantel was quoted as saying by French website L'Equipe.

UEFA President Michel Platini To Move CAS Against FIFA Ban

The prosecution also questioned the “unfair payment” of two million Swiss francs ($2.24 million) by Blatter to Platini “to the detriment of FIFA”.

FIFA Rejects Sepp Blatter And Michel Platini Appeals Against Ban

FIFA on Wednesday rejected the appeals lodged by president Sepp Blatter and vice president Michel Platini against 90-day bans on them.

FIFA Approves Five Candidates For Top Job, Michel Platini’s Name Pending

The race is thought to be wide open given Platini's potential ethics violations, including a probe over a murky 1.8 million euro payment he received from FIFA.

Platini’s $2M Fifa Payment Confession From Blatter As ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’

Both Platini and Blatter have been suspended for 90 days by Fifa's ethics committee as Swiss authorities conduct a criminal investigation over FIFA corruption

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s And Other FIFA Sponsors Call For Sepp Blatter’s Resignation

Coca-Cola, which has advertised in stadiums at every World Cup since 1950, was the first of the sponsors on Friday to demand Blatter's resignation.

FIFA Scandal: Sepp Blatter’s 17-Year Reign Headed For An Inglorious End

Blatter was re-elected for a fifth term at FIFA's congress in May despite the erupting scandal, but then announced on June 4 that he would stand down in Feb.

Sepp Blatter – FIFA’s Embattled Skipper In Deep Water

The Swiss federal prosecutor's office also said Blatter's office was searched and data was seized.

UEFA Urges FIFA to Investigate Alleged Smear of Michel Platini

Infantino says the letter was also sent to FIFA ethics committee prosecutor Cornel Borbely and FIFA election monitor Domenico Scala

Sepp Blatter Steps Down From International Olympic Committee Membership

Blatter, an IOC member since 1999, would have had to retire from his IOC term next year anyway because he turns 80 in March.

Brazil Supports Zico For FIFA Presidency

Brazil great Zico has received the support of the country's football federation (CBF) in his bid to become president of world football governing body FIFA.

Michel Platini Confirms He Will Stand For The FIFA Presidency

Platini has launched a campaign to succeed Sepp Blatter as FIFA president, to give the scandal-hit governing body "the dignity and the position it deserves."

English Football Association Backs Michel Platini To Become FIFA President

Day after announcing his FIFA presidential intentions, English Football Association showed support to back Michel Platini

Sepp Blatter In Russia For World Cup 2018 Qualifying Draw Hosted By Putin

Sepp Blatter got back to World Cup business at the 2018 tournament qualifying draw hosted by Vladimir Putin at a Russian state residence on Saturday.

UK Prankster Throws Money At Fifa Prez Blatter As He Refuses To Step Down

Fifa president Sepp Blatter was compelled to halt a news conference when UK prankster Simon Brodkin threw tens of banknotes at him saying, "here you go".

FIFA Sets Date For Presidential Election, To Be Held On Feb 26

FIFA leader Sepp Blatter held talks with his vice presidents ahead of a meeting to set a date for an election.

FIFA Corruption: Top FIFA Official Jeffrey Webb To Face Charges In US

The 50-year-old Webb was among seven FIFA officials detained in Switzerland in a case that sent shock waves through the soccer world

FIFA Corruption: Coca-Cola Tells FIFA To Appoint An Independent Commission

Most significant intervention yet by a FIFA sponsor was revealed in a letter to International Trade Union Confederation, which is part of the FIFA Now Movement

FIFA Corruption Probe: Swiss Authorities Extradite FIFA Vice President Jeffrey Webb To US

The former VP of FIFA, Jeffrey Webb, is the first of the seven officials accused in the corruption probe and has been extradited to the United States.

Swiss Authorities Extradite One Of Seven FIFA Officials Detained Over Corruption Charges To US

All seven men were arrested on May 27 in dawn raids on a luxury hotel in Zurich by Swiss federal police at the request of American federal agencies.

Zico: Gearing Up For The FIFA Presidential Elections

Brazilian football legend Zico said on Tuesday he was gearing up for the FIFA presidential elections.

Sepp Blatter Scared Of Getting Arrested If He Leaves Switzerland

The US and Switzerland are also investigation the bidding process of the 2022 and the 2018 World Cup, to be hosted by Russia and Qatar, respectively

French And German President Tried To Influence 2018, 2022 World Cup Votes: Blatter

Sepp Blatter on Sunday said former French and German presidents tried to influence the 2018 and 2022 World Cup votes for hosting rights.

Sepp Blatter: Did Not Resign As FIFA President

Sepp Blatter has reportedly said, he has not resigned as the FIFA president.

Swiss Banks Find 53 Possible Money Fraud Cases In FIFA Probe

Switzerland's Attorney General asserted that after investigating the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding contests the banks have discovered 53 money fraud cases.