Ankit Aggarwal

Ankit Aggarwal

Co-Founder & Wordpress Evangelist

Ankit Aggarwal is not from IIT or IIM. And that’s what is his biggest USP. It gives him an unfettered thinking that is so missing in the tech community.

Ankit has been tinkering with websites since his college days. Just a year after he joined Tehelka’s tech team as an intern, he went on to lead the team and launched Tehelka’s new website.

In 2012, he took the plunge and started his own company. His first website, among many other news sites to come, were Satyagraha, which was later acquired by Scroll. Like in those stories, soon the word about him spread and he started getting projects from across the seas. For a Slovakian pub, he created their website that displays their live beer meter online – .  And then from news to e-commerce, his areas of expertise just came increasing. Today, Ankit has at least 15 top notch websites under his belt.

Ankit is now a full-time entrepreneur and a part-time ‘WordPress Evangelist’. Apart from handling all the madness at Buffalo Soldiers, he also works on his ‘secret’ communications project for students and academic institutions.