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Chilean Midfielder Diaz Rubishes Claims Of Traumatic Changeover Under Pizzi

Photo Courtesy: Xinhua

Photo Courtesy: Xinhua

Midfielder for ’s national team, Marcelo Diaz, assured on Wednesday that the change of strategy had not been traumatic, after the successful cycle with coach came to an end and Juan Antonio Pizzi took over.

“It has been quite good. The fact that he (Pizzi) went to visit almost all of us at our clubs was a good precedent which gave us confidence and we thank him for it,” said Diaz during a news conference.

In terms of making a comparison between the two coaches, the Celta de Vigo () said that “each one of them has their own style, tactics and working standards but up until the change from Sampaoli to Pizzi hasn’t been very traumatic.”

Pizzi, former coach to Valencia (Spain) and San Lorenzo (), replaced Sampaoli, who left the club amid a corruption scandal that shook local soccer leaders.

Chile’s new coach arrived from Europe after traveling around the Chilean players clubs’ abroad to get to know each team member.

“We are well on our way and we hope to keep what was achieved with Sampaoli although we have the weapons to reach the objectives,” added Diaz.

The midfielder also spoke about Jorge Valdivia’s absence in the 2016 Centennial shortlist.

“One has to accept the coach’s decision and in the national team, no one’s place is safe but we all know how incredible Jorge is and we hope that he returns to the team at some point,” said Diaz.

“Nobody comes close to him and if it was up to him, he would be here tomorrow but it is up to the coaching staff.”

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