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Uruguay Announces List Of Players For Copa America 2016

Uruguay Copa America 2016 USA

Pic Coutesy: Twitter – @LuisSuarez9

coach Oscar Tabarez unveiled a preliminary list of 35 players on Friday for the 2016 Centennial .

Forward (, ), defender and captain (, Spain) and striker (Paris Saint-Germain, France) are among the star-studded squad.

All the players called upon by Tabarez for the 2016 Centennial Copa America, which will take place in the United States from June 3 to 26, have previous experience with the national team apart from goalkeeper Gaston Guruceaga (Penarol, Uruguay).

Only 23 out of the 35 players will make the final selection which needs to be sent to the South American Confederation (Conmebol) before May 20.

Uruguay, who won the 15th Copa America in in 2011, were drawn in Group C along with Mexico, Jamaica and Venezuela.

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