WATCH: Xabi Alonso & Arturo Vidal Take On 40 Kids In New Jersey And Win

We have often seen some top flight teams losing focus when they are reduced to 10 men, but ’s and took on 40 kids and clinched a victory in a (2 vs 40) game in New Jersey.

Earlier, we have seen Shinji Kagawa and his international compatriot Hiroshi Kiyotake doing a similar thing when they took on 55 kids and went on to win the match.

The kids deployed all that they had in their and put up a tough fight, Vidal taken down harshly in a recless tackle from one of the kids.

In a neck-to-neck battle Arturo Vidal scored a brace and Alonso scored one as the match ended in favour of the Bayern Munich stars 3-1.

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