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Jennifer Lopez Arranges The Best Birthday Gift For Her Cousin- A Hug From World’s Best Ronaldo

Jennifer Lopez presented her cousin with the best birthday gift ever by roping in footballing hero into action.

The American singer and actress pulled on a huge surprise as she convinced Ronaldo to envelop a massive hug to her cousin and assistant Tiana Rios.

Tiana is a huge Cristiano Ronaldo fan and the Portuguese made sure that her special day was enlighten.

The viral video footage shows Jennifer Lopez wearing a jersey while chatting with Ronaldo.

The group can be seen laughing at a nightclub in Madrid where the pop star reveals that her cousin is the biggest Cristiano Ronaldo fan who is giggling from far away.

Ronaldo fulfilling his promise walks over to Tiana as she gets up and says hello to her birthday present.

Jennifer Lopez has hit the headlines with new romantic partner Drake. Her pal Rihanna seems pretty unhappy with their union.

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