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Miss BumBum Strips Off Again In Tribute To Barca Stars Messi And Pique

could again be in trouble with his better half Antonella Roccuzzo, after Miss BumBum posted two more raunchy pictures dedicated to the star.

6-1The Brazilian model Suzy Cortez had won the Miss BumBum title last November along with £10,000 prize money and a cover shoot on a men’s magazine after leaving behind 500 women who were battling it out for the title.

Suzy Cortez is a huge Barcelona fan and a die-hard admirer of both Messi and his teammate Gerrard Pique.


Earlier, Miss Bum Bum had dedicated a series of raunchy pictures to Messi.

Earlier this year, in one picture of hers she wore a Barcelona jersey moulded in a shape of a thong with the name ‘Messi’ written on it. Later she had posted a similar semi-nude snap with a ‘Pique’ shirt hanging around her shoulders. And those raunchy pictures had not gone down well with the respective partners of both the Barcelona stars.

According to reports, the 25-year- old curvy model was blocked on social media by Lionel Messi and his girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo after seeing Messi’s profile flooded by a series of Suzy’s sexy pictures via instagram. However Miss BumBum has denied the fact of sending any kind of pictures to the football superstar.

Miss BumBum recently dedicated this picture to Barca star Lionel Messi

Miss BumBum recently dedicated this picture to Barca star Lionel Messi

Despite Messi blocking her on social media, Miss BumBum has refused to put a hold on her antics. And now she has publicly shared two more lusty pictures on her Snapchat account. She posted a seductive picture flaunting just a Barcelona shirt with Messi’s name on it while flashing her sizzling bum.


cen_bumtribute_03Suzy Cortez, also known as Miss BumBum Brazil had earlier made it clear that she is not interested in Lionel Messi and had never sent any kind of sexy pictures to the five time Ballon d’ Or winner and Barcelona star. She reiterated that if she has to send them, it will definitely go to and not Lionel Messi.

messiEarlier, However Cortez had denied all claims of sending any pictures to Messi and in an attempt to make things clear to Messi and her girlfriend, have sent a message to all her followers on Instagram. She said that she has no interest in Messi and she would never send any such pictures to any footballer except Gerard Pique only if he were single.

piqueBarcelona’s star defender Gerrard Pique, who dates Colombian singer and producer Shakira, was on the receiving end when Miss BumBum had posted a snap wearing a black thong with a ‘Pique’ shirt hanging around her shoulders.

1Miss BumBum said: “As the media began the story of me sending nude pictures, which I have never done, I will come back with a final answer to sum it up.”

“For me, Messi is the best player in the world but he is not my type, he is short and I have never sent any pictures to him or any player.”

2“If I had the choice and if he were single, the only footballer of Barcelona who I adore and is my type is Gerard Pique. Now I hope this puts an end to this unwanted controversy. Thank you, Suzy Cortez.”




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