This page provides information on the policies that guide FootTheBall’s editorial operations

Founded as a start-up in 2016, FootTheBall is a bootstrapped unit of Buffalo Soldiers Digital LLP, headquartered and legally registered in India. FootTheBall was also an UBER Pitch Top 15 Start-up in 2016 and leAD Berlin top 30 sports tech start-up in 2017. For more information on the editorial team, click here.

FootTheBall’s ethics policy is driven by the ethos of delivering news and information that is accurate and unbiased.

  • Accurate
    FootTheBall, along with its writers and guest contributors, always strives for accuracy, providing all the relevant facts available, and mentions if any information remains verified at the time of filing the report.
  • Fair
    FootTheBall’s editorial policy is to always be politically correct. Sexist, racist, political, or religiously offensive remarks, are strictly prohibited from finding a space on the platform. FootTheBall does not promote or support any kind of political ideology, regionalism, community or identity-based remarks.
  • Humane
    FootTheBall stands against defaming any person or entity – individual or collective, in any of the content that finds a space on the platform. FootTheBall takes utmost care when covering news topics that are sensitive and/or under legal purview in order to avoid revealing information that may cause harm or distress to individuals, entities or the readers.   

FootTheBall, its writers and guest contributors, ensure that the contents of the article such as names, identities and data is correct as per the latest publicly available information.

As an editorial policy, FootTheBall provides source (s) to the information mentioned in the articles carried on the platform, while also mentioning if any information remains unverified at the time of publishing the article.

FootTheBall reaches its audience around the globe and understands the importance of disseminating news and information that is factual, supported by sources and voices authenticated by trusted individuals/entities.

FootTheBall’s editorial policy mandates that if and when a correction is made in an article, it is mentioned clearly within or at the end of the article, noting the error and the correction respectively.

In case of an inadvertent mistake or in light of new information, the editorial team at FootTheBall will expedite the process to include the correct information while carrying a clarification on the nature of error for transparency.

FootTheBall’s readers can also bring to attention any mistakes or factual errors in the articles by writing to the editorial team via the contact form on the website, along with contacting the team via FootTheBall’s official channels on social media.