11. David

Victoria- Romeo needs the ball.

Beckham- But I’m taking a penalty.

Victoria- I just got back from Victoria’s secret.

Beckham- ______

10. Alessandro

Move-move, road-runner on his way.


Toni Terry – John, Wayne Bridge just called, we need to talk.


This wasn’t a goal-kick? Ouch!


But, but I shot on target, the goal post moved.


When you try and stop a Tsunami with the ball.

5. Jonathan Soriano

What do you mean this is not a goal! American football, anyone?


When Charlie Adam found the reporter who covered his pedophile case.


I’m better then , I can miss a penalty twice.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Sick of goalkeeper’s tackling? Why not try and break his leg.

1. and Xabi Alonso

Lahm- Hey Xabi, wanna play slider?