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Bolt from the Blues

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It seems like this is the season for shock managerial departures. Just days after Roberto de Zerbi finalised his departure from Brighton at the end of the season, a bolt from the Blues has arrived. Mauricio Pochettino has left Chelsea with immediate effect and the suddenness of the departure poses more questions than answers.

Chelsea had a strong finish to the season and the hope was that they would build on it with their young core and a manager who was getting to grips with it all. However, with the shock announcement, there is a feeling that maybe Pochettino has another job lined up already.

While the potential De Zerbi to Bayern Munich rumours were turned off as quickly as they began, the thoughts turn to Mauricio Pochettino’s next club. Here are the top contenders-

Bayern Munich

Those Vincent Kompany rumours don’t sound believable, do they? Even if Bayern are looking for a stopgap solution before they try for the likes of Jurgen Klopp and Xabi Alonso next summer, an emerging manager who would want a long-term project is hardly the ideal stopgap solution.

Pochettino’s departure puts a big name on the market and the Harry Kane factor looms large too.

The striker found his footing in the game under Pochettino and a return, combined with finally winning some trophies, could nicely bookend a spell that began at Tottenham.

Manchester United

Close ties with INEOS, formerly linked to United, championed as the promoter of youth and suddenly out of work. The stars perfectly align for this move to happen.

Ten Hag beat out competition from the Argentinian two years ago to secure the United job and it could come full circle now. The Dutchman’s stock has never been lower and Chelsea leveraging a strong second half of the season to surge ahead of United despite having similar injury problems and a chaotic executive structure could be the final nail in his coffin, hammered by Pochettino.

Vatsal Gupta
A die-hard Red Devil, who has straight up not had a good time since 2012. Lives on Korean dramas and books and can often be heard talking about armchair psychological stuff.

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