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Beer Fest: Table-Toppers Chelsea Enjoy Refreshing Beverage For Perfect Rehydration

boss has encouraged his star men to have a beer pint after exhausting matches.

The Italian believes that one drink is perfect for rehydration after the tiring game which has seen many fans acknowledging Conte’s policy.

diego-costa-with-beer was pictured with his beer after the match against . The Spanish striker’s goal was enough to hand Antonio Conte his 9th straight win of the Premier league this season.

“After the game, for rehydration, you can drink Coca-Cola, one beer.”

“It’s good for recovery. But one. Not a lot.”

“It’s good after you finish the game, quickly, not an hour after the end.”

“Diego is playing a season in a fantastic way, because he’s showing great passion in the right way.”

chelsea-after-west-brom-win“That’s very important. I’m pleased for him, for Chelsea, for the fans.”

“He’s very focused on the game, to play football and make all the right movements, attack the space — and that’s fantastic for him. I think also that he can improve.”

Conte plans to relish his Christmas time as he is used to a long winter break from his time in Italy.

He plans to have a sober family get together ahead of their league match against .

Diego Costa“I’d prefer they stayed at home and celebrated with the family.”

“Not a great party. On the 26th we play.”

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