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Top 11 Premier League Goals Of The Season 2015-16

11. Cuco Martina – Southampton vs

Here’s Cuco’s long-shot beating big Pete on it’s way to buy a Martini.

10. vs

Benteke thought he’s still at Aston Villa, surely this goal doesn’t reflect his time at Liverpool.

9. – Leicester City vs Liverpool

Here Vardy’s long-shot just chatted s**t to Mignolet and got banged.

8. – Crystal Palace vs Tottenham

At Crystal Palace, we serve the best goals.

7. Dimitri Payet – West Ham vs Crystal Palace

What did i say, eh?

6. Xherdan Shaqiri – Stoke City vs Everton

Was Everton’s defense helping Martinez pack?

5. Riyad – Leicester City vs Manchester City

Dear Pep, From Pelligrini with love.

4. – Manchester City vs Arsenal

Yaya decided to take a flight, when Wenger parked the bus.

3. vs Liverpool

Out of form? Contact Liverpool to become world-class again.

2. – Tottenham vs Arsenal

Did Kane score a goal or did batman just kill Joker.

1. Eden Hazard – Chelsea vs Tottenham

Hazard schedule – Win PL, sleep for a year, wake up and kick Spurs dreams.

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