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Champions League Final: Suspicious Package Found At Cadorna Metro Station

Cadorna station

’s metro rail service was evacuated ahead of iconic Champions League final between cross-town rivals and .

The metro service was halted due to a suspicious package found lying at the Cadorna metro station which is the main connecting route for fans travelling to witness the iconic derby tonight.

According to Italian media, the alert came when the CCTV cameras spotted a woman dropping parcels on the stairs of the Piazza Cadorna metro station. Immediately two main lines of the metro route were halted for an hour on Saturday morning.

The metro service resumed after a bomb squad called for inspection, confirmed that the suspicious package is not dangerous and contained baby gifts.

Earlier Line 1which most of the fans would choose to reach the stadium was blocked between the stations Cairoli and Pagano and also Line 2 between Garibaldi and Porta Genova.

The Champions League Final will see Spanish Giants Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid locking horns against each other at stadium on Saturday evening.

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