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Suarez ‘Sure’ Of Messi Magic Continuing, Belives He Will Reverse Decision Over International Retirement


Superstar thinks that club team-mate will reverse his decision to retire from International football.

Suarez said that he feels that Messi made the decision in the heat of the moment and that the statement to retire was made while the captain was running high on emotions.

However, the 29-year old belives that Messi will be back playig for Argentina in the coming months, saying: “I’m sure that he will change his mind, but whatever he decides he will still be the best ever.

“Knowing Leo, I’m sure it was said in a moment of sadness and helplessness. It would be a shame for football if he took this decision, but I’m sure he will reconsider and change his mind.

“It’s a difficult time. Everyone has the right to make decisions and they should be respected.”

Argentina president Mauricio Macri along with many key-figures not just from his native country but around the world have called out for Messi to make a u-turn, including , who has recently told reporters: “I spoke with him to congratulate him and tell him he had done a great championship.

“I don’t understand. The truth is that it’s a joy, a gift from God, to have the best player in the world in a country like ours. Messi is the biggest thing we have in Argentina, so you have to take care of him.

“I told him not to pay attention to all the comments being made because, in truth, we are very happy.”

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