Euro 2016: Shameful! WATCH How English Fans Taunted Begging Children In France

English fans in for the Euro 2016 championship refuses to let go off the limelight, this time a video shows a large number of English supporters misbehaving with children who were begging in the street. The video posted on Twitter shows them throwing coins at small children and forcing them to fight for the coins scattered in the street.

Huge number of supporters gathered outside a pub in Lille and threw empty plastic beer cups on the street. They also chanted loud slogans and waved the English flags.

england fans

Condemning their shameful behavior, the Union of European Associations said, “We have always shown zero tolerance for any form of discrimination.

The video went viral on social media and drew staunch criticism, mostly from the British citizens who felt embarrassed by the actions of their fellow countrymen.

The video was posted by a Russian sports journalist from the Tass government news agency, as he mentioned – “The latest in nasty images to emerge from the soccer championship, where arrests, injuries and hospitalizations have become daily occurrences,”

People on social media highly condemned the incident

lille fan violence

There were reports of fresh fan violence in Lille, the day before England locked horns against Wales in their second group stage match in Euro 2016. 16 fans were rushed off to the hospital and 36 of them were arrested.

Media reported another incident where the fans were drunk and misbehaved with children. The fans teased them by showing money in their hands but the very next moment closed their fists to deny the innocent souls.

England outplayed Wales 2-1 in their second group fixture at Lens. The match was played under strict security with 2,400 officers on duty and street cameras set up at every nook and corner.

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