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Wilcox not messing about

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s executive overhaul of Manchester United has received a massive boost.

After sending shockwaves through the world of football with his capture of Manchester City’s Omar Berrada to be the new CEO of the club, his subsequent missions haven’t been that secret or straightforward. Talks for Dan Ashworth remain deadlocked with Newcastle not willing to budge on compensation and United not willing to budge on targets.

However, a similar problem facing them with their pursuit of Jason Wilcox of Southampton has been solved sensationally by the man himself. The Saints man resigned from his role at the Saints and is now set to join United as a Technical Director.

Southampton were happy to let Wilcox go but only if they are compensated accordingly while United wanted him to start working as soon as possible which wouldn’t have been possible. As it looked like those talks to get him out of serving a notice period were going nowhere, Wilcox took this massive step.

Jason Wilcox is a wanted man

Like Berrada, Wilcox has his roots at Manchester City where he oversaw the installation of a new and smooth structure at the academy level. The Cityzens are bearing the fruits of that grassroots work overseen by Wilcox as their academy has not only become a cash cow in these days of Profit and Sustainability Rules, but also provides first-team players like Phil Foden and Micah Hamilton.

He leveraged his performance at City to earn a promotion to role at Southampton, where he is currently the Director of Football.

Under his leadership, Saints are targeting an immediate return to the Premier League. He targeted Russell Martin for a new project from the beginning and bought players to create an image in a mould that wouldn’t change regardless of who was coaching. Despite initial hiccups, he stuck with him and the Saints are now steaming towards the Premier League after a good run of form.

It is precisely that kind of vision, ambition, and far-thinking expertise that United hope Wilcox will bring to the role. Getting some more “secrets” of Manchester City’s setup wouldn’t hurt either!

In the immediate future, however, a long round of negotiations has just been saved by Wilcox’s sensational step. Over to you, now, Dan Ashworth!

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