Pedro Joining Blues? Mourinhos Fabregas Does Some Convincing
To Strike Mourinho’s Deal

The star who was supposed to play for the ‘Red Devils’ is currently going the opposite way, joining the blues. Mourinho made sure ‘Fabregas’ did some out of the ground play.

who are literally trying to buy every famous name they can see, were allegedly looking for Di Maria’s replacement. Pedro’s joining could create a sense of ‘Equality’ in the league.

Barcelona striker is Chelsea’s second signing this season after the arrival of Ghana defender Baba Rahman. Mourinho’s not stopping; John Stones of Everton is Chelsea’s next target. Blues building up the defence is really a good deal, they needed a defence that could match the same level of attack.

Pedro’s arrival could make an exit for Colombian winger Juad Cuadrado, who had disappointing seven months.

Pedro made 50 appearances for Barcelona last season and has won the three times, including scoring a goal in the 2011 final against United, as well as five titles.

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