ws_Soccer_ball_on_the_field_1680x1050 (1)A bunker with the remains of Soviet killed in has been found in — formerly Stalingrad — during the construction of a stadium to host matches of the FIFA World Cup in 2018.

Between July 1942 and February 1943, Volgograd and surrounding areas were the site of the Battle of Stalingrad, the Second World War’s largest military confrontation.

“We are 100 percent convinced that the remains belong to Soviet soldiers as Nazi troops had not reached this place,” a local museum official told TASS news agency. Earlier, finds have unearthed more than 20 items of wartime munitions at the site.
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World Cup matches will be held between June 14 and July 15 at 12 stadiums located in 11 Russian cities. These are , , , , Saransk, Kaliningrad, Volgograd, , Nizhny , and .