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Russia And England Fans Clash In Marseille Ahead Of Euro 2016 Encounter

And it is happening again with the English fans in , this time various sources and agencies suggesting a band of Russians youth chasing down fans as French police stand and witness horrific street fights, ahead of their respective opening match at .

eng russ mob1

According to Mirror, a gang of around 20 Russian fans clad in black have been hunting the English, with one scene filmed of a fan being kicked and punched on the ground.

This is the third such incident involving England fans in Marseille at the Euro 2016 campaign. The first two involved incidences with the French police after provocations made to English supporters by some alleged ‘Ultras’.

eng russ mob

In today’s incident, fist fights and bottle throwing broke out between England and fans at Marseille’s Old Port. Broken glasses lay strewn across the square as police fired tear gas into the crowds.

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