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You Can Never Be Like Iceland! Football Fans Slam France For Copying Trademark Viking Clap


Debutants have earned huge accolades both on and off the pitch after their impressive performance at in this summer.

The small nation with a meagre population but with indomitable passion for have registered a permanent imprint on the minds of fans after their sensational performance against , which guaranteed them a spot in the quarter-finals of Euro 2016.

What people witnessed in Iceland’s last-16 encounter with England was sheer magic which truly manifested the spirit of the game. Iceland surpassed all expectations as they outplayed England 2-1 to seal a spot in the quarter-finals of Euro 2016. More to be remembered from their historic win is the celebrations that followed, the loud Viking chants coupled with thunderous claps all over the stadium.

Iceland Celebrating Their Victory Over England

Had there been a copyright infringement law upon how footballers should celebrate, the Iceland fans would have surely sued the French team for copying their style after a 2-0 victory over World Champions in the semi-final of Euro 2016.

France Totally Copy Iceland’s Viking Chant

Football fans clearly expressed their displeasure with France as they emulated Iceland’s unique mode of celebrating with thunder claps and Viking Chants.

France will face in the epic final clash of Euro 2016 on Sunday and it will be interesting to see whether they repeat the Viking chants if they manage to win the title.

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