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John Terry Reveals How He Played For An Entire Year With A Broken Foot

Outgoing skipper has revealed how he played with injections for an entire year after asked him to play regularly despite a broken foot and toe.

The 36-year-old is set to formally leavethe Premier League champions on June 30, when his contract comes to an end.

The ex- skipper spoke about his time with the Blues as he highlighted the sacrifices he made during his Chelsea career.

“I remember in Jose Mourinho’s years he was desperate for me to play or train when I had a broken toe and a broken bone in my foot,” Terry told the club’s official website.

“I had to have two injections in my toe every day for a whole year, one before training and sometimes the doctor would have to come out and re-inject me because it wore off in training if it was a longer session than an hour.

“It was just a given for me. I played through the pain barrier numerous times. In the 2015 Premier League-winning season when I played every minute of every game, you just find a way.

“I would do it again tomorrow because it sounds crazy but you would give your life for the football club when they have given you so much over the years.”

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