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Bolivian Players Reject To Play For The National Team In Copa America

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Pic Courtsey: Twitter – @BoliviaFootball

Players from at least eight of the 12 teams in the Bolivian league have announced they will not participate in the 2016 Centennial, to be held in the U.S. in June, due to their feeling that players are forced to play for the national team without respect for their local clubs.

According to Mexican sports daily La Aficion, David Paniagua, legal advisor to ’s Soccer Player Association (Fabol) said the players signed a make-or-break statement and rejected any sanctions for them not answering the call of the national team.

“The rights of the players include the fact that if they renounce to the national team before they are called, they will not be sanctioned,” said Paniagua.

The players that signed the resignation statement are from local clubs including Club Petrolero, San Jose, Nacional Potosi, Real Potosi, Blooming, Oriente Petrolero, Sports Boys and Universitario.

Players from Wilstermann, Ciclon, The Strongest and Bolivar have so far not announced their decision.

This week, Fabol leaders will meet with these four clubs to know if they will join the move.

Bolivia is to participate in 2016 Copa America Centennial, to be held from June 3 to 26 in ten cities of the U.S.

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