EURO 2016: Fans Prepare Before Tournament Begins

marcus rashford

UEFA Euro 2016 is set to dominate the center stage with the first match between and Romania. While the players are gearing up to give tough competition to their opponents, the fans all across the globe are gripped with enthusiasm to witness the first match that takes place in Paris.

The fans have split the internet apart with posts, images and videos as the countdown begins for the tournament.

While the first match of the EURO 2016 is due tonight, let’s take a quick glimpse at how the people in Paris are gearing up for the series:

EC 16 eiffel

The EURO 2016 Trophy stands with pride before the Eiffel Tower in Paris as the first match of the series is set to begin at the capital of France.

Euro Cup 2016

A fan sports the Official merchandise of Adidas, the football for the season, that celebrates the ongoing of the tournament EURO 2016

EC 16 Fan Zone 1

Thousands of fans gathered at the Fan Zone set up at the Eiffel Tower in Paris to celebrate the onset of the EURO 2016

Euro Cup 2016

The restaurants and the bars of Paris have extended their hours of service to accommodate the football fans. 

Euro Cup 2016

A fan based in London decorated his house with flags to show his support for his favorite team Leeds

Euro Cup 2016

Many fans have driven all the way from different cities of France to catch the first game of the EURO 2016 taking place at Paris

EC 16 Victor

Fans pose with Victor, the Mascot of EURO 2016 as the tournament is about to begin. 

EC 16 Tickets

Some fans are turning green with envy as others post pictures of their tickets for the opening match of the EURO 2016

Euro Cup 2016

France issues the official stamp to acknowledge the EURO 2016 taking place within the country

euro cup

All are sitting eagerly waiting for the most awaited tournament of the football to begin!


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