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Over the course of several decades, Uruguay and Bolivia have developed a fierce football rivalry that has left a number of notable games recorded in the history of the game. This page covers the history of their meetings and provides insight into the teams’ present forms, covering matches from the inaugural contest in 1952 until the most recent match in 2023. So without further ado, here is Uruguay National Football Team Vs Bolivia National Football Team stats.

Uruguay’s Dominance and Bolivia’s Glimmers of Victory

In the Panamerican Championship, Uruguay defeated Venezuela 6-1 in the first meeting between these South American countries on April 6, 1952. Uruguay has held a dominant position over the years, winning most of the matches. Remarkable games include Bolivia’s unexpected 1-0 victory in the 1997 Copa America and Uruguay’s 2-1 victory in the FIFA World Cup of 1991.

A match that stands out in particular was played on July 2, 1950, during the World Cup. Uruguay defeated Bolivia 8-0 at Independencia in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Another match of relevance was Uruguay’s 4-2 victory on October 7, 2011, in the FIFA World Cup South American Qualifying Tournament.

Uruguay’s Commanding Presence and Bolivia’s Struggles

Uruguay’s supremacy is similarly evident from recent games with Bolivia. Over the course of 13 competitions since 2003, Uruguay has won nine times, Bolivia has won two, and two have ended in draws. In their most recent meeting, which took place in the CONMEBOL World Cup Qualification on November 21, 2023, Uruguay emerged victorious, winning 3-0.

With a remarkable record in the FIFA World Cup Qualifying – CONMEBOL, Uruguay is in good standing at the moment. Uruguay is currently in second place with seven victories, two ties, and one loss. They have played well against stronger teams recently.

Conversely, Bolivia has encountered difficulties, as demonstrated by their battle in the CONMEBOL World Cup Qualification tournament. Bolivia is currently in 10th place with just two victories, one tie, and ten losses. There are concerns regarding Bolivia’s capacity to compete at the greatest level as this points to a difficult time for the country.

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The Dynamic Saga Continues

The football rivalry between Uruguay and Bolivia continues to be an exciting tale that combines past domination with current challenges. Bolivia is struggling to meet the demands of contemporary football, whereas Uruguay is still making waves on the pitch. Each game between these two sides adds a new chapter to their legendary rivalry, and their rich histories and divergent contemporary forms make every meeting between them a spectacle for football fans. Football fans around the world are excited to see what surprises this long-running rivalry will surely provide as they get ready for more matches. Uruguay National Football Team Vs Bolivia National Football Team stats has given us some exciting and suspenseful games.

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