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Health and wellness are among the matters of top priority among people today. It’s getting increasingly harder to keep pace with the fast changes, mass media news, and stresses that expect every regular citizen at work and home. COVID-19 turned things upside down by showing how vulnerable the global community is, changing people’s approaches to wellness forever. Thus, people have become chronically anxious, worried, and sleepless due to the looming economic and geo-political crises, financial concerns, worries about their jobs and children, mortgage anxieties, and many more problems on their way.

Luckily, technology is developing fast, and many tech tools can help people manage their mental and physical well-being dimensions. Innovation keeps pace with consumers’ needs, with many forward-looking tech giants offering structured apps and software solutions to help everyone find work-life balance, monitor their health, and achieve greater well-being across all life domains. One such company is Apple.

According to Apple’s COO Jeff Williams, health is often removed from the top priorities list, as people put off their health routines and avoid discussing wellness issues. Thus, Apple has embarked on an ambitious project that aims to change how people think about, monitor, and handle all aspects of their health and wellness. To achieve these goals, Apple has incorporated many features falling into two broad categories – personal health and fitness features on Apple Watch and iPhone. They have been developed in close partnership with the medical community, research associations, and care professionals to offer Apple users science-based technology for wellness improvements.

Let’s dig deeper into how Apple envisions the future of technology-powered health and wellness and try to factor CBD into the wellness equation of this tech giant.

User Empowerment 

The best thing Apple has done with its high-tech tools is to arrange all health data in one place and give users a 360-degree view of the situation they’re in. This way, users can complete a detailed and comprehensive assessment of their health status, intensity of activities, and vital health parameters in a unified, secure storage. All data is visually organized, neat, and delivered in a user-friendly format, giving a clear glimpse of whether the user is doing fine.

Variety of Health and Wellness Features on iOS Devices 

As modern users are tech-savvy and demanding regarding stellar user experience, Apple has it all in its health and fitness initiatives. The company has developed and incorporated tons of useful features that allow all-round tracking of user activity across several dimensions, such as:

  • Physical activity (activity rings, workout monitoring, fitness, and competitions)
  • Sleep quality control (sleep tracking, individualized sleep plans, time for unwinding)
  • Mindfulness (meditations and focus exercises, educational articles on health issues, mobility training)
  • Women’s health (menstrual cycle tracking, symptom prediction, and pregnancy-specific workouts)
  • Heart health (heart rate monitoring and alerts, heart rate measurement for different activity types, ECG app, cardio fitness recommendations)
  • Mobility (fall detection, walking quality control, mobility support)
  • Hearing health (noise app, notifications about too loud headphone levels)
  • COVID-19 and handwashing tips
  • Safety services
  • Medication regimen control and alerts
  • Research findings and repositories of research data

Sleep Quality Tracking 

Sleep is at the heart of any person’s well-being and good activity levels. Thus, Apple tracks time spent in bed and detects micromovements of users to identify disruptions in sleep patterns. Users can also develop an individualized sleep schedule on their Apple watch and receive reminders of sleep goals together with prompts on how attainment or non-attainment of those goals affects their well-being. A special “Wind Down” option in the Apple Watch signals the need to start getting ready for sleep. It’s essential for people who have many busy routines in the evening and can’t relax before bedtime. We can also recommend adding organic CBD vape juice consumption to this stage of preparation for sleep, as it works very well on the user’s nerves, helps even a very agitated person unwind, and creates a favorable state of mind for falling asleep quickly.


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