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Man Utd Vs Man City Tunnel Bust-Up: Both Clubs Play Blame Game As FA Take Action

Both and played the blame game last night as the Football Association started an investigation into ’s tunnel bust-up.

and Ederson were at the centre of the Manchester derby bust up

Man City sources said that the tunnel bust-up following their 2-1 win over arch rivals United would not have occurred if Red Devils boss Jose Mourinho had not peeped into their dressing to tell their players to tone down their celebrations.

Graphics Courtesy: Sumant Chawla

On the contrary, Man Utd sources claimed that City’s celebrations were too loud and excessive – showing lack of respect.

Graphics Courtesy: Sumant Chawla

The FA have now written to both the Manchester clubs demanding reasons behind the fracas and they have until tomorrow tea-time to submit their observations.

Graphics Courtesy: Sumant Chawla

According to reports, almost 20 players and coaching staff were involved in the bust-up which began when Mourinho reportedly had a heated argument with Man City goalkeeper Ederson.

Manchester United and City were involved in a fracas

The situation was completely out of control – with water and milk thrown at Mourinho and Man City coach suffering a cut above his eye.

Graphics Courtesy: Sumant Chawla

However, both the clubs have said that no punches were thrown during the post-match brawl.

It is understood that referee Michael Oliver has no idea about the incident and he did not write about it in his match report which means that the police will be not be involved in this case.

Graphics Courtesy: Sumant Chawla

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