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The 2022-23 football season has shown us the impressive highs and lows that the game can bring. While we have seen the likes of Arsenal, Napoli, Real Sociedad, and Union Berlin have been among the top performers However, at the same time, clubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea and several others clubs have massively struggled.

This means that several managers face the risk of losing their job if results don’t turn around. However, such is the beauty of football that there are several in line waiting to take over the job should a manager be fired. 

Some of the managers linked to these jobs are already well-known entities and have tremendous experience bringing immediate change in a club’s fortune. However, some are new and are among a group of young managers coming out of the lesser-known European leagues making their mark with their revolutionary and exciting tactics.

So, who are the managers who have been or could be sacked and who are their potential replacements?

West Ham United: Manager- David Moyes, Replacement- Rafa Benítez

After finishing an impressive seventh place last season, West Ham United have massively struggled this season. The Hammers have currently in 16th, one point above the relegation zone. The team has scored the fourth-least goals in the league and are in real danger of being relegated, which means David Moyes could lose his john if results don’t improve immediately.

And the news has emerged that the club are looking to replace him with Rafa Benítez. The Spaniard has ample experience in coaching and last managed Everton in the league and left in 2022. His style is similar to Moyes, and he could be the perfect candidate if the team are looking for stability and avoiding relegation.

Tottenham Hotspur: Manager: Antonio Conte, Replacement- Thomas Tuchel 

When Antonio Conte joined Tottenham Hotspur back in November 2021, he only signed an 18-month contract. And with less than six months left on his contract, it appears unlikely he will renew it. The club are currently in fifth but are playing some of the most mundane football. On top of that, Conte is also unavailable due to gallbladder surgery.

And the perfect replacement for the club would be Thomas Tuchel, the man who led their city rivals Chelsea to a UEFA Champions League title. Tuchel is currently available and could be the dream signing for the team. It would also be a statement signing showing the world that the team are more than ready to become a top force in the league and, hopefully, Europe.

Chelsea: Manager- Graham Potter, Replacement: Mauricio Pochettino

Wouldn’t it be an amazing sight if the former Chelsea and Tottenham managers swapped clubs? Even after spending the most amount of money by a club ever in a season, Chelsea have failed to get anywhere near the top four of the Premier League. As a result, the club has already sacked Thomas Tuchel and appointed Graham Potter to the job. The results, however, have remained mainly the same, with the club currently ninth in the league table, 10 points adrift of the top four places. And if results don’t improve, Potter could find himself in the same spot as Tuchel.

And Chelsea could find the perfect in Mauricio Pochettino. The Argentine made Tottenham a force to reckon with, even taking them to a Champions League final and helping them finish multiple times in the top four. However, after four years of impressive achievements, a lack of spending by the club finally caught him as he got the sack in November 2019 with Tottenham placed 14th on the table.

However, at Chelsea, he will have money and talent at his disposal, allowing him to have players that can follow his tactics to the word and make Chelsea a top force again.

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Liverpool: Manager- Jurgen Klopp, Replacement- Roberto de Zerbi

This will be the most unlikely sacking, even after Liverpool’s disastrous season. The Reds are currently in tenth on the Premier League table, taking only 29 points in 20 matches. While they still have the Champions League to look forward to, their league campaign is as good as ever. However, even after such a disaster, Klopp has the backing of his players, club, and fans as well. The German is the main reason why the club became a top force winning a Champions League and a Premier League title (their first ever).

However, Liverpool owners have sent mixed signals, which has generated rumours that they may be looking to sell the club. In such circumstances, even a manager of Klopp’s stature could find himself on the sack list. And while several qualified managers could be Klopp’s perfect successor, the closest to him tactically is Brighton’s Roberto De Zerbi.

Despite having limited experience, de Zerbi has managed to turn Brighton into a side no one wants to play. Their style is similar to Liverpool’s high press Gegenpressing style and could offer the perfect transition for the club.

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