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Jurgen Klopp Explains Why Liverpool Midfield Was As Much To Blame For Man City Humiliation As Defense

Jurgen Klopp accentuated that ’s midfield were equally at fault for their humiliating defeat against as their defense.

Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool suffered a 5-0 thrashing at the Etihad on Sunday, despite being behind by only one goal until Sadio Mane’s dismissal.

And now Klopp, who has seen side concede 11 goals in the last six games, made it clear that his midfield should step up the gas defensively to offer more protection and stop attacks.

“If we lose the ball in the middle, then they can play the ball there,” said Klopp.

“City are always playing like this. They use opportunities like this pretty well.”

“The first goal was so easy to defend… push up! Then two players are offside.”

Jordan Henderson and Emre Can look on

“But we didn’t, and that’s what the first half was like, we weren’t compact enough and didn’t cause them enough problems. I was not happy, but I also realise we had those kind of situations going forward too.”

“City is very offensive-oriented and we are very offensive-oriented.”

“And if players are properly defending in midfield (you have a better chance) – we are usually much better at that than we were against City.”

“You can win games like this, but we had no chance against City with one man down. But can we play better against City with one man down? Yes, for sure.”

Joel Matip and Emre Can look dejected

Liverpool had few chances in the first half when Salah sped past Otamendi on several occasions.

Otamendi had been spotted as a weaklink in the City defence but Klopp explanined how the Liverpool midfield failed to capitalise upon the opportunity.

In general the former Dortmund boss underlined how Liverpool’s midfield struggled against City.

“Spotted? That’s not too respectful,” said Klopp.

“For everybody in the world, it’s difficult if you cannot avoid a pass. That’s how defending works.”

Aguero and Jesus celebrate

“You have to avoid the pass, because in the end Otamendi cannot make Salah slower.”

“If we can play the pass, then Salah is away. That’s not Otamendi’s fault. That’s how I see it. That’s why you need to be compact and avoid passes like this.”

Klopp added: “Losing 5-0 feels really bad, but at one point I knew with the way things were going that it was not our day, 100%.”

“Unfortunately, I have had few days like this as a manager. Not at Liverpool, thank God.”

“I was with Dortmund against Bayern, when we lost 5-1, which we should have won! Nobody will remember this, but it was like this.”

Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino looks dejected

“Things like this happen. It was really bad, but we have to take the blame for everything that you saw on Saturday. That’s how life is.”

“Two weeks ago we got all the credit (for beating ), now we have to take the not so nice part of criticism.”

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