Albania Rewards Football Team 1 Million Euros And Diplomatic Passports

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The Albanian government decided to give 1 million euros and diplomatic passports to the members of the Albanian soccer team for winning its first match in the UEFA Euro 2016 which is being held in France.

The decision was made by the Council of Ministers on Monday, one day after Albania’s 1-0 victory over Romania.

The goal by Armando Sadiku has given hope for a possible qualification of Albania to the one-eighth phase of this competition. The 1 million euros fund was added in the budget of the Ministry of Education and Sports, and it will be used to reward the national team.

The decision was signed by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama who had previously promised a diplomatic passport to every player.

The participation of Albania in Euro 2016 is expected to have a positive impact on the country’s economy. The additional incomes in the GDP are expected to be 0.5 percent and there will be free publicity in all world media during the championship

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