Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona
Argentine soccer legend (File Photo: AP)

Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona is filing a complaint against ex-wife over an 80-million peso (some $8.7 million) shortfall in his accounts.

The 54-year-old Maradona confirmed in remarks to Jorge , a TV host with ’s America channel, that he is filing a tax-evasion complaint with the internal revenue service against Villafane, his wife for 13 years and the mother of two of his daughters.

Rial says Maradona told him in a telephone conversation that he could not believe that the “woman I’ve known since I was 15 did this to me”.

The complaint stems from an audit of his accounts and those of his close relatives that the ex-soccer great commissioned and which showed the disappearance of some 80 million pesos.

The investigation ordered by Maradona, according to Argentine news channel , raised suspicions about Villafane, whose assets were found to include three apartments in valued at nearly $2 million, properties acquired in the as a single women even though she was married at the time and deposits equivalent to $3 million in a .

The audit also turned up dubious dentist bills.

“The evidence is conclusive, ’s (actions) are indefensible,” Maradona’s attorney Matias Morla told local media.