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Cesc Fabregas Slammed On Twitter For Posting Pizza Pictures On Snapchat

’s star midfielder Cesc Fabregas has found himself out-of-favour ever since took over at the club, but that hasn’t disheartened the former man. Cesc posted a picture of Pizza and Milkshake on Snapchat, outraging some fans, who started trolling the midfielder for breaking the gaffers rule.

Pizza, by-the-way is banned by Conte, and Fabregas faced backlash from some Chelsea supporters for breaking the managers rule.fab-pizza

Although this isn’t the first time the international has been caught in Pizza trouble, as he once famously threw a Pizza slice at then manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Some fans did come at Cesc Fabregas’ defence, saying that he had every right to eat Pizza, as he works out very hard on the pitch to stay fit.

While this one Fabregas fan blamed Antonio Conte for dropping the dynamic playmaker.

However, Cesc Fabregas was quick to respond to all the rumours with a quick reminder that the food could very well be for his kids.fab-pizza-2

Well, Cesc handled that like a boss, didn’t he.. Way to go ‘FAB’regas.

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