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Cesc’s cabinet

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Cesc Fabregas announced his retirement to draw the curtain on the career of Spanish football’s most talented midfielders of all time. Coming through as a precocious midfield prodigy in Arsenal’s ranks, his rise to stardom was as quick as his thinking with the ball. Naturally, if one were to see the number of Cesc Fabregas trophies, it does justice to the talent of the player.

Here are all Cesc Fabregas’ trophies he won throughout his career, sorted by club-

Cesc Fabregas trophies

Fabregas has won 17 trophies in his illustrious career, including ones with the Spanish national team.

Below is a breakdown of Cesc Fabregas’ trophies-


2x English Super Cup

1x FA Cup

The club he perhaps made the biggest impact at was the one where he won the least amount of trophies. Unfortunately for Fabregas, his rise coincided with the most ruthless period in the Premier League.

Jose Mourinho was bossing with Chelsea and Sir Alex’s Man United were never far behind.

Arsenal played brilliant football, but their era of “never seem get over the line” had begun.

Still, three titles were won. English Super Cup arrived in 2004 as Arsenal won the league (invincible season) the year before. They retained it the next year as FA Cup champions, which they won in 2005.

First, three pieces of silverware had gone into the Cesc Fabregas trophies cabinet. However, his itch wasn’t scratched as his talent demanded more. He would engineer a homecoming to achieve it.


1x La Liga

2x Spanish Super Cup

1x UEFA Super Cup

1x FIFA Club World Cup

1x Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey)

Although Fabregas didn’t have the best time at Barcelona- he remained in and out of the team- The Cesc Fabregas trophies cabinet would likely remember his time at the club fondly.

Only one La Liga title is below expectations, but he once again came up against Mourinho’s clinical Real Madrid in Spain. Still, La Liga was won in 2012/13, the season after Los Blancos‘ domination.

Besides, he won three trophies in his first season in 2011/12- Spanish Super Cup, Copa del Rey, and UEFA Super Cup.

Another Spanish Super Cup victory in his last season there- 2013/14, combined with a Club World Cup win in 2012 punctuated his spell at the club. In total, Fabregas won six trophies in just three years at the club.


2x Premier League

1x English League Cup (Carabao Cup)

1x FA Cup

1x Europa League

How poetic it was that the manager who stopped Fabregas’ sides from winning more trophies was ultimately the one who helped him to two league titles.

Fabregas joined Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea in 2014 in a move that pained Arsenal fans. That pain was exacerbated as he won the league cup in his first season.

However, the icing on the cake was the two Premier League titles. Fabregas was the heartbeat of Mourinho’s midfield as they sauntered to the title in 2014/15, Fabregas’ first season, and his maiden PL title.

Another one arrived two years later, this time under Antonio Conte, but Fabregas’ influence didn’t wane much.

His Chelsea career was punctuated with his first and only European title when the Blues won the Europa League in 2018/19. By then, his Chelsea spell was coming to a close but this was a nice send-off to a glittering spell.


1x World Cup

2x Euros

If his club career was a tale of the “right player at the right club at the wrong time”, his international career couldn’t be more opposite to the extreme.

Fabregas was part of arguably Spain’s greatest side, as they won three titles back-to-back over a four-year period.

The spine was Xavi-Iniesta-Busquets in midfield, but Fabregas provided an able backup option as Spain won the Euros in 2008 to kickstart their era of dominance. It was followed by the iconic World Cup victory in South Africa in 2010.

Then the Euros trophy was retained in 2012 as Spain completed one of the most dominant stretches in international football.

While Cesc Fabregas’ trophies cabinet could have been a bit bigger if he didn’t come across goliaths at every club, his international career is to be marvelled at.

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