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Chinese FA Cup Match Ends In A Mass Brawl

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Chinese FA Cup Brawl
Pic Courtesy: Xinhua

Chinese FA Cup was stunned by a mass brawl on Wednesday when amateur side Wuhan Hongxing lost to Chinese Super League giant Jiangsu Suning 1-0 in the third round.

In front of the high-spending Jiangsu, Wuhan almost recorded a magical play with a goalless draw but Ge Wei’s header in injury time smashed Wuhan’s hope.

Both sides were involved in mass brawl since then, which was spread from the pitch to the bench. Jiangsu’s Xie Pengfei was hit onto the ground by several Wuhan players. Scorer Ge was injured on his rib with a few scratches. Many other Jiangsu’s players also suffered injuries on and off the pitch.

Furthermore, Jiangsu’s working staff Wu Bo, who was recording the match on the tribune, was beaten up by a group of people. Many Jiangsu reporters were assaulted.

The match ended in chaos.

The Jiangsu team left Wuhan on a high-speed train immediately after the game. Sources said that the club called for the police and decided to appeal for the CFA for relevant punishments in accordance with law and regulations.

The officials of Wuhan Hongxing held an emergent meeting, condemning the brawl and vowing to punish the players involved, but they said that the cause of the brawl could not ascribed to Wuhan only.

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) said that the investigation is undergoing.

The CFA reiterated its zero tolerance to any irregularities on and off the pitch.

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