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Copa America 2016: Uruguay Eyes Title, As The Team Travels To United States

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Suarez Uruguay
(Photo Courtesy: Twitter – @LuisSuarez9)

Uruguay travelled on Wednesday to the United States for the 2016 Centennial Copa America, with a hope to win the regional tournament, international media reported.

According to Cuban news agency Prensa Latina, the Uruguayan team has been the biggest winner with 15 Copa America titles under its belt in the tournament’s 100 years of history. Tournament favorite Argentina has 14 titles, Brazil eight, Peru and Paraguay two, respectively, while Bolivia, Colombia and Chile have one each.

The team now is in a good shape, standing top of the South American qualifying for the Russia World Cup in 2018. They reached fourth place in South Africa 2010 and the 15th Copa America in 2011.

Cited by Prensa Latina, Uruguayan forward Edinson Cavani said the team is “preparing as if (Copa America) it was a World Cup.”

Coach Oscar Washington Tabarez said the training environment “is one of excitement and companionship because when there is will, much progress is achieved.”

However, Uruguay has few days left for training at the U.S. and some of its main players are injured including Cristian Rodriguez, Sebastian Coates (Portugal’s Lisboa Sporting) and Luis Suarez (Spain’ s Barcelona). The first two were replaced by Diego Laxalt and Gaston Silva, respectively, while Suarez is still part of the team but he will not play the first round matches.

As part of Group C together with Venezuela and Jamaica, Uruguay will debut on June 5 against Mexico in Phoenix, Arizona.

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