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The man of the hour, the captain of the Portuguese ship, and the colossal leader of Fernando Santos’ soldiery, Portugal’s number.7 Cristian Ronaldo has once again made headlines.The talismanic Juventus striker became the first person on this planet to register a whopping 300 million followers on Instagram

. Sensational wrestler turned actor, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is next in line.Since the beginning of the summer carnival of Euros, Cristiano Ronaldo has been a top-notch seller for newspaper companies


Fabricating a piece of an article around his actions has been a cakewalk. Smashing records day in and day out, the Portuguese recently became the most-decorated goalscorer in Euros.




300 million followers, a record which is not set on the football pitch but still proving his metal to the world. The next soccer player in line is the heart of Camp Nou Lionel Messi. With 219 million followers, Messi’s Instagram train needs to pick speed if he’s to catch the Portuguese sunshine. Ronaldo was also the first man on the planet to reach 200 million Instagram followers and with his popularity, 400 million will be the next target.



Across all his social media accounts namely Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook the 5 time Ballon d’Or winner has more than 500 million followers overtaking some big names in the celebrity market.


Portugal’s leading man takes home a surprising 1,247,157.70 dollars with every post that he puts on his Instagram. Associations with one of the best brands in world football, Cristiano has engagements with Nike, Livescore, Tag Heuer and other great companies.




Ronaldo’s worth can be proven by the fact that Coca Cola’s value was reduced by a whopping 4 billion dollars after Ronaldo chooses water over the soft drink in a live interview. With the Euros just around the corner, Ronaldo was sitting in a live conference where the health-conscious striker removed two bottles of Coca-Cola from his table and advised everyone to consume water. The world went bizarre as their Portuguese icon had made his preferences clear leading to Coke’s stocks taking a hit.




Cristiano Ronaldo and records is a love story better than twilight. Setting up new milestones day-in and day out, the dazzling forward is a special material. It’s just been a week since the Euros have started and Cristiano Ronaldo’s has been constantly present in the newspapers.

First, Cristiano Ronaldo became the only player to feature in Euros an astonishing five times. Appearing for the record-breaking 22nd time against Hungary, the polished striker bagged his 11th European goal beating France legend Michael Platini who had 9 goals under his belt.



Another record for the world to witness as Ronaldo’s team was en route for a draw against underdogs Hungary. But an exceptional performance, which included 2 goals, from the Juventus’ star in the dying minutes earned the red outfit 3 crucial points.





Cristiano Ronaldo had been ruling Manuel Neur and Allianz Arena for a while now. But unfortunately, the striker couldn’t replicate his club performances with his national team. Neuer had shadowed Ronaldo in the last 5 meetings where Germany had captured the Portugal fortress on each occasion. Although Germany demolished Portugal 4-2 in the ‘Group Of Death’, Ronaldo finally ended his drought against Neuer opening Portugal’s account in the 15th minute of the game.


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